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Eco Friendly and Sustainable gift idea

Eco Friendly and Sustainable gift idea

What makes the best gift idea? 

Nature – Earth Mineral

The geometric shards extending out in all directions, aged mineral glows under the light. The raw mineral connects and grounds your body to the root -- Earth. Every stone emulates the art of Nature in a mineral compound.

Individuality – Personalized Calligraphy

We long for the genuine human connection, with customized calligraphy to complement the gift. Find your meaning from the natural mineral, and mark the occasion with a gift that connects to the heart.

Welcome to Celestial & Honest, where we explore the art of conscious gifting made with nature.

This sustainable gift is made by pure hemp, natural stone, natural minerals and wrapped in eco-friendly linen packaging. With the handmade necklace, you are offered with calligraphy customization to create a unique and personalized gift, and we are so privileged to connect you to your loved ones with the handwriting that has a special meaning for them.

Sustainable gift, Personalised gift, Eco-friendly Gift

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Celestial & Honest

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